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MODEL 1910 US ARMY OFFICER’S MAP CASE – COMPLETE WITH FULL SHOULDER STRAP - A CLASSIC WORLD WAR ONE OFFICER’S FIELD ACCESSORY:  Part of every officer’s basic kit while serving in the field or on the front lines, this Model 1910 Officer’s Map Case not only provided protection for the maps, but also served as a carrier for the officer’s pens and pencils, and had a pocket for dispatches, orders, and his daily reports.   

Made of russet leather and measuring 11” long and 6” wide, this case is complete with the full length shoulder strap and the sliding cross strap for securing the sling to the officer’s body.  The surface of the leather is smooth with an even medium russet color.  The sling is full form with no weak points and complete with the snap hooks, the rings and buckle.  Both main flap closing tabs are full form and the closing finials are present.  The two cross closing straps are full length with no weak points.  The main flap covering the writing utensil tubes and the dispatch pocket suffered some wear to the edges of the flap.  The edges have been reinforced from the underside and the flap presents well and is solid.  The interior plastic covers for the maps have suffered some from age, with the inside edge of the two outer plastic sheets having separated from the leather seams.  The majority of the plastic is still present and it is clear and stable.  Both green wool felt sheets are still present and are in full form with no significant wear.  All of the seams are intact and all the hardware is present.  

When acquired from a New York estate, the case contained two maps – one a 1940 dated US Army War College aerial map of the Potsdam, New York area issued by the First US Army, and the second a State of New York highway map.  Both maps are included with the sale of this case. The presence of these two maps with the 1940 date illustrates that these map cases were in use right up to the threshold of our entry into World War Two when they would soon be replaced by a OD web map case. 

Introduced well before World War One and continued in use through the interwar years, these map cases were a necessary accoutrement for every officer, and in spite of obvious evidence of use, this map case has survived in very nice condition.  (1004)  $165



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