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CIVIL WAR US ARTILLERY TAR/GREASE BUCKET:  One of the more iconic Civil War Artillery implements, these heavy iron Grease or Tar Buckets were supplied to every gun and caisson.  Measuring 8” tall and 7” in diameter, the bucket has two stout “ears” to which is attached the suspension ring and chain assembly, for hanging the bucket from a hook under the axle of the caisson or gun carriage.   

This bucket shows some cosmetic evidence of age, but is otherwise in very good condition.  All of the metal is solid with no weak points or holes.  All of the seams are intact and all of the original components are present – to include the swinging lid and the “T” shaped toggle on the suspension chain, both of which are often missing.  The top lid turns freely on the pivot pin and is in full form.  The surfaces are overall smooth with only some very minor pitting in scattered locations.  The exterior has been painted with an appropriate black paint which has aged nicely.  The interior, especially the bottom, shows some evidence of corrosion as is to be expected, but there is no active rust and there are no holes or weak points.  The chain links, ring and toggle from which this bucket hung are all solid and full form.    

Before dismissing this Tar Bucket as too heavy or cumbersome for your collection, consider assembling a display similar to a very attractive grouping I saw years ago.  Although the collector did not own an artillery piece, he had collected a nice grouping of Civil War artillery implements and uniform pieces.  He built a rack that would support the longer handles of a wiper, rammer and worm in a classic “stand of arms” arrangement, and suspended a tar bucket below the implement heads, creating an impressive display.   

This is a very good, solid example and would never need to be upgraded. (0106)  $595 PENDING



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