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SPRINGFIELD ARMORY EMPLOYEE VEHICLE PASS MEDALLION:  This medallion was issued to employees at the Springfield Armory to mount on the front bumper of their personal vehicles so that when entering the armory grounds, the gate guards would pass the vehicle without stopping it to identify the driver.  A more efficient method than clogging the gate at the beginning of every work day, but a much more relaxed level of security than we have become accustomed to today.   

Apparently this system of identifying Ordnance Department workers’ vehicles was used universally throughout the armory and arsenal system as there is at least one of these medallions – same shape and size – which bears the legend for the Rock Island Arsenal instead of the Springfield Armory.  It is believed that these pre-date World War Two, perhaps as early as the 1920’s.   

Incorporating the Ordnance Department insignia of the “flaming bomb”, this medallion measures 5 ¾” high and the round center piece is 2 ½” in diameter.  It is cast of aluminum or some similar pot metal.  The brass plate bearing “54” is cast with a bolt that passes through the medallion and is anchored on the reverse by a threaded nut – likely the manner in which it was attached to the bumper of the vehicle.    

This is a scarce piece of memorabilia from the famous Springfield Armory and an interesting conversation piece.  (0102)  $100  

The last photograph shown below provides a sense of  size of this medallion, depicted next to a standard .45-70 Frankford Arsenal cartridge.  The cartridge is not included in the sale of this piece. 



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