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US ARMY QUARTERMASTER BARRACKS BED ENDS, PAIR:  As shown in The Army Called It Home by William L. Brown, page 127, these Quartermaster Department Barracks Beds are believed to have been available as early as 1897 and used through the early years of the 20Th Century.   

The Quartermaster Department insignia as it appears on the cast pieces on these bed steads was designed in September of 1896 by then Capt. Oscar F. Long (USMA, 1876).  Long was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions at the Battle of Bear Paw Mountain in 1877 and retired as a Brigadier General in 1904. 

Manufactured of iron rod and cast iron fittings, each bed stead features a double-sided Quartermaster Department insignia.  Both the head board and foot board measure 32” wide, with the head board being 36” high and the foot board 32” high.  All of the cast iron fittings and iron rods are complete and intact with no damage or breakage, and the mounting tabs which held the soldier’s name card are present.  The heavy iron tubing that make up the outer frame of each piece is free from dents or other signs of heavy use or poor handling.  

When found, this set was covered with heavy coats of several different colors of paint over the original white enamel applied by the army, and all of it chipped and in poor condition.  It was also applied in such quantity to obliterate the Quartermaster Department insignia.  That collection of paint has now been removed and the bed steads are in the bare iron.  There seemed little sense in painting the pieces only to ship them and have the paint damaged, so painting this set will be left to the next owner.    

This set of barrack bed steads would make an interesting support for a display of Spanish American War or early 20Th Century uniforms and equipment.  ((0805)  $425 

NOTE ON SHIPPING:  I have computed the packing and shipping costs for this set based on shipping them in separate cartons via UPS.  The packing and shipping costs for anywhere within the continental United States will be $135 based on 2013 rates.  In the event of a dramatic increase in shipping costs, for which I have no control, the costs will be adjusted accordingly.  For what it’s worth, I’m not adding any fees for the packing materials or the time to prepare the set for shipping.  All in all, I think that's a pretty good deal. 



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