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SPRINGFIELD ARMORY SOUVENIR MEDALLION:  The National Armory in not surprisingly, was a major fixture in the city of Springfield, Massachusetts.  Generations of the same families had worked in the shops and foundries for almost two centuries, and the roots in the community at large, and in the neighborhood immediately surrounding the armory were set deeply in the homes, businesses, churches and cemeteries.  Periodically, the armory would hold “Open Houses” for the public and provide guided tours of the shops and grounds, and in the day, likely picnics accompanied by entertainment from the Armory Band.   

On these occasions, the armory shops would produce these souvenir medallions which were given out to the visitors.  This particular medallion was struck to commemorate such an open house held in May of 1958.  It measures 1 ½” in diameter and appears to be made of aluminum.  It is stamped “SPRINGFIELD ARMORY, MAY 1958” on one side and the reverse is blank.   

Found with the souvenir medallion is a second aluminum tag measuring 1 ¼” in diameter and it is stamped “DEAD” with the number “1316”.  I have no idea what this tag was for, but it is of the type used to mark keys, watch stations, or fire fighting apparatus racks.  Unfortunately that information is lost to history.   

Unusual pieces of memorabilia from the famous Springfield Armory which will be  interesting conversation pieces to add to your collection.  Both tags are included in this offering.  SOLD






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