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LATE 19th CENTURY BRASS MODEL CANNON & CARRIAGE – VERY NICE TOY SIZED MODEL - ca. 1880-1910:   From back in the days when kids were encouraged – and equipped – to spread mayhem in the neighborhood, this is a very attractive brass toy cannon.   

Typical of the late 19th – early 20th Century style, this brass cannon measures 11” long overall, and the wheels are 3 ¾” in diameter.  The classical 19th Century style barrel measures 7” long with a .67 caliber smooth bore, and features decorative rings.  The touch hole is drilled and in fact, after acquiring this little adolescent WMD, I removed a significant load made up of match heads, crushed firecrackers, fire cracker fuse and paper wadding – which turned out to be a portion of our young Napoleon’s very basic math homework written in pencil on a page torn out of one of the old “Big Chief” style tablets.  All primed for the next 4th of July……    

The barrel, wheels and carriage have a very nice untouched patina and all of the surfaces are smooth, showing no damage, wear or evidence of mishandling – the above described load notwithstanding. 

This is a very nice example of a late 19th Century child’s functional toy model cannon and would be a nice piece to display on your desk, or ……..the perfect gift for your brother’s son……..  $325  



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