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CIVIL WAR ARTILLERY GUNNER’S WORM - VERY GOOD  EXAMPLE w/ TRACES OF ORIGINAL PAINT AND MAKER’S STAMP:  This original Civil War Artillery Gun Crew’s Worm, purchased from Bannerman’s years ago, remains in very good condition, featuring the original wooden stave.  Employed by the gun crew to service the artillery pieces, these worms were one of the fundamental implements part of every gun crew’s equipment issue.  The iron head, measuring 2” in diameter, is full form with full length prongs and no misshaping.  The stave is from all appearances original to the head, with the proper swell below the head, is not cracked, split or otherwise damaged, and retains the appropriate profile for its entire length of 48 ½”, for an overall length of 54 ½”.  The stave has traces of the original Ordnance Department blue paint visible in the grain of the wood, of the same hue as was used to paint the limbers and caissons.  Consistent with the requirement imposed on the civilian contractors in 1863 by the Ordnance Department, there is a maker’s stamp applied to the stave approximately 4” below the iron head.  The stamp is partially legible consistent with the wear on the wood’s surface, however under magnification and comparing the available characters to known contractors of the period, the stamping appears to read “AMERICAN HOE CO.”, with some larger characters that follow which may have been unit applied identification numbers.  The American Hoe Company, as the name implies a farming implement company, was in business during the War and certainly would have been capable of producing this worm.  These original implements are far from common and discovering one that still retains the maker’s stamp is a particularly nice find.  Showing only the most minimal effects of age and use, this Artillery Gunner’s Worm would be a nice addition for your Civil War Artillery collection.  SOLD



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