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MODEL 1906 STONEBRIDGE FOLDING LANTERN – US ARMY MARKED - WORLD WAR ONE TRENCH LANTERN IN EXCELLENT CONDITION – ALL EISENGLASS PANELS INTACT:  An early 20th Century invention, these Folding Lanterns were patented and produced beginning in 1900 by the Stonebridge Manufacturing Company in New York City.  An ingenious design which provided a full sized lantern that folded without disassembly into a flat, easily stored and carried unit, but when deployed provided a full sized source of light.   

While these lanterns were produced for the civilian markets, at some point prior to World War One the Stonebridge Manf. Co. began producing the lanterns under contract for the US Army which were embossed as is this specimen with “U.S.” framed on each side with the Subsistence Department crescent moon insignia.  This three character grouping has been noted on other Subsistence Department property such as ration crates and in one notable example, a Model 1904 McClellan Saddle and M1908 Officer’s Saddle Cloth found as a set years ago.   

Why the Subsistence Department is the only US Army insignia found on these lanterns is unknown.  Perhaps the contract for supplying the lanterns to the army was issued through the Subsistence Department and then they were issued out as needed to other units. 

Issued at least through the First World War, these well designed lanterns were used extensively in the trenches “Over There”, and are pictured on page 46 of the World War One Collector’s Handbook, by Otoupalik, Gordon and Schultz.   

This specimen is in remarkable condition, with 100% of the original tin plating intact, and more importantly all three (front and two sides) of the eisenglass panels are present and fully intact with no splits or tears.  These eisenglass panels, actually the mineral "mica" formed into sheets, are seldom found present, much less intact.  All of the brass fittings are present and show the same excellent condition as the outer surfaces and frame.   

In excellent condition, this Stonebridge Folding Lantern will be a unique addition to your World War One trench equipment display.  (0405) $275



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