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ca. 1866-73 50/70 FRANKFORD ARSENAL AMMUNITION CRATE – CW SURPLUS ORIGINALLY FOR BUCK AND BALL MUSKET AMMUNITION:   An extremely rare survivor of both the Civil War and the early Indian Wars, this Frankford Arsenal ammunition crate was originally issued containing Buck and Ball Paper Cartridges for the muzzle loading muskets, and was later restenciled and reissued containing .50-70 cartridges for the breech loading carbines and rifles of the early Indian War. 

The exterior surfaces of the crate are painted with a base coat of the familiar dark green, almost black paint,  Both ends of the crate are stenciled in white paint, “800 CENTRE PRIMED METALLIC CARTRIDGES CALIBRE .50”.  The legend on one end is quite legible, while the other end requires more study and better light due to natural aging.  Still visible beneath the dark green base coat, and over painted by the .50 caliber legend, one can see the raised paint of the first set of stenciled characters reading “BUCK & BALL PERCUSSION” in two lines.  On one long side of the crate is legibly  stenciled in white paint “FROM FRANKFORD ARSENAL”.  One of the three boards that made up the original lid of the box is present, showing the proper larger screw mortise that held the arsenal applied wax seal to prevent tampering.  The original bottom of the crate is present and has a split running the length of the box, but this area is stable and shows no indication of affecting the structural integrity of the box, or separating from the box.  The crate measures 17” long, 12 ¾” wide and 8” high. 

These ammunition crates are rarely found in collections and this particular piece represents two very desirable and historic eras of conflict.   SOLD



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