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IDENTIFIED IMAGE OF A SPANISH AMERICAN WAR ERA SOLDIER DRESSED IN HIS FIELD UNIFORM AND ARMED WITH A KRAG RIFLE AND BAYONET HANGING FROM HIS MILLS LOOPED CARTRIDGE BELT – POSED IN A KNEELING SKIRMISH POSITION - SCARCE SAW ERA FIELD IMAGE:  This cabinet card image of a Spanish American War era soldier not only captured him posed on the firing line aiming his Krag Rifle, but the image is identified on the reverse.  He is dressed in his field uniform - dark blue wool shirt, khaki trousers, leggings and tan campaign hat - and in addition to his Krag Rifle, he is also equipped with a dark blue Mills looped cartridge belt with cartridges in the loops and a Krag bayonet.   

He is posed at the wall of what appears to be a Spanish Colonial fortification overgrown with tropical foliage.  This desirable outdoor view of a single solider showing this amount of detail is considerably more unusual than the standard in-house studio photographs of the period.  

The image, measuring 6 ½" x 4 ¼", was taken overseas, likely in Cuba or the Philippine Islands and there is no photographer information on the card.  The image has a light sepia tone and is in very good condition with no damage or scuffing to the image surface and strong edges.   

On the reverse of the card is an identifying inscription hand written in pencil, “Private Baker, Co. M 2 Inf, Your Dad”.  With some research effort, it is very likely this soldier’s service record and life history could be located.   

Fresh from an old estate, this would a nice image to display with a grouping of Spanish American War artifacts.  (0303) $125



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