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WORLD WAR TWO US WAR DEPARTMENT GERMAN MILITARY DICTIONARY MANUAL AND A US ARMY MILITARY INTELLIGENCE GERMAN MILITARY ABBREVIATIONS MANUAL – VERY INTERESTING SET:  During World War Two, the US War Department prepared these manuals to aid the soldiers on the front lines who were coming in contact with the German forces.  This two volume set was found together in the estate of a former Ordnance officer.

The first, TM-30-506 GERMAN MILITARY DICTIONARY was published on May 20, 1944.  The 446 pages provide German to English, and English to German translations of an almost limitless listing of the terms in use on a day to day basis by soldiers, sailors, and airmen in all branches of the military.  This manual is complete with no loss of pages.   It shows some shelf and handling wear, but no more than one would expect to see on a manual of this age. 

The accompanying manual, GERMAN MILITARY ABBREVIATIONS was published on April 12, 1943.  Prepared by the Military Intelligence Service of the War Department, this 246 page manual provided a comprehensive alphabetized glossary of the abbreviations used by the German military in reports, radio and courier messages, vehicle markings, directional sign posts, etc.  Each abbreviation, in the form standardized within the German military, is listed alphabetically, expanded to the full term in German, and then translated into English, i.e.:

Pz. Kpfw…………Panzerkampfwagen…………tank

This manual is complete with no loss of pages.   It shows some shelf and handling wear, commensurate with its age. 

This is a rare set of World War Two manuals which were certainly provided to the front line units in North Africa, Italy and France.  This would be a great set to add to a WWII display.  (0219)  $75 for the set



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