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ca. 1890’s IMPERIAL SIZE CABINET CARD OF A MOUNTED SOLDIER ON A REARING HORSE - EXCELLENT DYNAMIC SUBJECT MATTER IN A SCARCE OUTDOOR SETTING:  This is a particularly nice cabinet card image of a ca. 1890’s soldier astride his rearing horse.  Set in what appears to be a riding arena, the fully saddled horse is rearing and the way in which the soldier sits his saddle suggests this pose was intentionally set up for the photographer.   

The soldier is dressed for cold weather in his caped great coat and gauntlets.  The horse is equipped with a McClellan Saddle and fitted with the Model 1892 Bridle Bit and a decorative breast strap.  The soldier’s sabre is hung from the saddle. 

The reverse of the image is hand inscribed in ink, “Attn F Victers (sp?) with compliments of Harold Vernon, Troop C, N.G.N.Y.  June 1897”. 

Measuring 8 ˝” by 6 ˝”, this "imperial sized" image is mounted on a photographer’s card stock embossed with the photographer’s name and address.  The image is in very good to excellent condition with crisp edges, however the mounting card has experienced some damage along the edges, none of which affects the image proper.     

This desirable dynamic outdoor view of a soldier on a rearing horse and showing this amount of detail of his uniform, personal equipment and horse equipment is considerably more unusual than the standard in-house studio photographs of the period.  (0834)  $325



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