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US ARMY CHIEF OF ORDNANCE REPORT 1873 – ONE OF THE MOST SIGNIFICANT OF THE INDIAN WARS – INCLUDES THE 1872 TRIAL GUNS AND ACCOUTREMENTS:  An original printing of The Report of the Chief of Ordnance, printed here as Volume III of the Report of the Secretary of War to the 43rd Congress for the year 1873, printed at the Government Printing Office, Washington, consisting of 481 pages and numerous tables, illustrations and plates.  This particular annual Report from the Chief of Ordnance is likely one of the most significant and the most interesting of this series of reports that were published during the Indian War period, as it includes detailed information regarding the weapons and accoutrements issued for testing during the 1872 Equipment Trials.   

Included in this printing are detailed descriptions, illustrations and fold out plates of all the different firearms that were submitted to the 1872 Trials – some forty different firearms - as opposed to the five normally recognized by collectors, the Springfield, Sharps, Spencer, Remington and Ward-Burton.   

In addition to the 1872 Trial information, this volume contains the normally reported material to include equipment production reports, issues of equipment to the regular army and militia, and development and production of heavy ordnance weapons.  There is also coverage of the development of the Gatling gun, as well as the final decision to commit to ordering the Colt Model 1873 pistol.

This copy has seen some use and shelf wear, however the binding is still intact and maintains its integrity, and all the pages and tables present and attached.  There is some wear to the top and bottom of the exterior of the spine as can be seen in the photographs, however the gilt title information is still legible.  There is only very minor wear to the original cover boards’ edges and corners, and there is “U.S. GOVERNMENT BINDERY” embossed on the front and rear covers, parallel to the spine.   

This is certainly one of the scarce editions of the Chief of Ordnance Reports and one that is very historically significant in the development and trial of weapons for the Indian War army, as well as providing the best compendium of technical information on those different systems.  $350 



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