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ORIGINAL US ARMY ARSENAL ENTRY PASSES – WATERVLIET AND ROCK ISLAND ARSENALS:  The US Army arsenals have always been maintained as secure facilities and these passes bear witness to the efforts to control the comings and goings of not only the general public, but visitors to the various shops.   

One has to assume that surviving examples of these passes must be at the very least, scarce, if not outright rare, and they are a unique piece of US Army Arsenal material history.  

I have these two original passes, one for Watervliet Arsenal and the other for Rock Island Arsenal, each shown below with descriptions and photographs.


NO. 1   ROCK ISLAND ARSENAL DAY PASS:  Dated May 3, 1900, this Rock Island Arsenal Day Pass was issued for “C.B. Stacy’s carriage” to the arsenal’s livery.  Measuring 4 ¼” long and 2 ¾” wide, the pass is fully legible and in full form with no damage and it also features a list of the rules to be followed while on the arsenal grounds on the reverse of the pass.  (0108)  $50


NO. 2   ROCK ISLAND ARSENAL DAY PASS:  Dated August 4, 1908, this Watervliet Arsenal Day Pass was issued to “pass the bearer through gun shop”.  Measuring 4” long and 2 ½” wide, the pass is fully legible and in full form with no.  (0109)  $50













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