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EXCELLENT IMAGE OF A SPANISH AMERICAN WAR - PHILIPPINE INSURRECTION ERA OFFICER DRESSED IN HIS FIELD UNIFORM:  This is a particularly nice cabinet card image of a Spanish American War – Philippine Insurrection Era officer, dressed in his khaki field uniform.  As noted on the border of the matting board, this image was taken in San Francisco, likely upon his return from service in the Philippine Islands – his service in the Philippines indicated by the 8TH Corps red enameled service he wears above his left breast pocket.  His uniform also bears the 1898 National Eagle Badges and his rank insignia on both shoulder straps.  From what can be seen in the image, this officer appears to have been a First or Second Lieutenant.

The image proper, measuring 5 ½" x 3 ¾” is mounted on photography studio card stock which measures 8” x 6" and bears the name of the studio in San Francisco. The condition of this image is quite good with no damage or scuffing to the image surface.     

Fresh from an old eastern estate, this would a nice image to display with a grouping of Spanish American War or Philippine Insurrection Era artifacts.  (0804) $175  

NOTE:  The 8TH Corps Philippine Service Medal shown in the color photo below is only for the purposes of identifying the medal worn on the officer’s uniform coat and is not included in this sale. 



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