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1845 SECRETARY OF WAR REPORT ON MILITARY SPENDING – SCARCE EARLY PRINTING – VERY INTERESTING, UNUSUAL HISTORICAL  MATERIAL:  An early Secretary of War Report specifically addressing the amounts and kind of expenses paid on a contingency basis during the course of the year to support the early army.  Now before you dismiss this document, please read on – even if you decide this isn’t your type of collectable, I guarantee that if you enjoy history in its raw form, you’ll enjoy browsing this description.  As with any well oiled corporate machine, things come up that you never in your wildest imagination budgeted for, yet still have to be accounted for – and so you have a contingency fund, and so did the army even in 1845.  This is the annual accounting for these unplanned or non-budgeted items for which the army had to expend money.  For example:

*  a map of the Santa Fe trade drawn by Capt. Cooke, Dragoons

*  target material at Ft. Macon

*  the services of the riding master at West Point

*  property taxes paid on United States Property [Ft. Mifflin] (tax paid on a fort?)

*  services of a ship to recover target on a lake after its moorings were cut by cannon fire

*  binding for 1498 volumes of Army Regulations, 1841 (see related listing)

*  investigation into citizens encouraging soldiers to desert and sell their clothes

*  freight for a copper boulder (?)

*  more floating target recoveries – (apparently this was an ongoing problem)

*  purchase of shaving brush, soap and razor for executing courts martial sentences

This seven page original printing of the 1845 dated report to the 28th Congress was apparently part of a larger bound volume, and while it lacks any hard covers, the pages are bound together and the document is intact.   

In remarkably very good condition, the pages are all present with little if any sign of wear and no damage and all of the printing is legible.  If your interests focus on the pre-Civil War army, at the very least I believe you will find this edition interesting and it isn’t often you are able to obtain this type of view of the early army and its financial dealings with Congress.  In some cases, there is enough information to launch some interesting research projects into what acts predicated the expenditures.  (C-129)  $30


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