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PERSONAL MEMOIRS OF GENERAL OF THE ARMY PHILLIP H. SHERIDAN – FIRST EDITION 1888 – PERSONAL COPIES OF CAPTAIN (LATER GENERAL) THEODORE J. WINT – WOUNDED VETERAN OF SANTIAGO, CUBA, 10TH US CAVALRY - TWO VOLUME SET EXCELLENT CONDITION:  A very special historical offering, this two volume set entitled “Personal Memoirs of General of the Army Phillip H. Sheridan”, is one of the less common US Army military memoirs of the 19th Century.  Adding to the value of these volumes, this set was the personal property of then Captain Theodore Jonathan Wint, apparently acquired when he was stationed at the Jeffersonville Barracks in December of 1888, shortly after the memoirs were released for sale.    

Born in Pennsylvania in March of 1845, Theodore Jonathan Wint first saw service as a private in the Sixth Pennsylvania Volunteer Cavalry, enlisting in 1861 and honorably mustered out of service as a First Lieutenant in November of 1864.  He then enlisted in the regular army as a private in February of 1865, and was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the Fourth US Cavalry Regiment on November 24 of that year. 

Advancing through the ranks through his service during the Indian Wars, Wint was subsequently promoted to major in May of 1892.  He was assigned as a staff officer to the 10th Regiment of Cavalry, and served with that regiment in Cuba, most notably at the Battle of San Juan Hill, and then at the Siege of Santiago where he was wounded, suffering a gunshot in his thigh from a Spanish Mauser rifle.  Wint survived the wounding, continuing his career in the army completing assignments with the occupation forces in Cuba, then onto the Philippine Islands during the Insurrection, and eventually service in China. 

In 1880, Wint married Lydia Porter Bullis, sister of a fellow officer John Bullis, famous for his actions as chief of scouts in west Texas and his service under General McKenzie.    

General Wint passed away in Philadelphia in March of 1907 and was interred at Arlington National Cemetery.  He was scheduled to retire in 1909 and was months away from his final promotion to Major General.

Upon Wint’s death, Secretary of War William Howard Taft, eulogized him as "...a quiet man who did things."  In his biography My Life Before the War, fellow 10Th Cavalry officer John J. Pershing provided a colorful, and somewhat tongue in cheek, anecdote about Wint.  Recalling that during the Civil War, Wint had been wounded in one leg which resulted in a bit of limp, Pershing stated that the wounding of Wint’s other leg in Cuba evened up his gait.  

Given the era and scope of Wint’s army service up to the publishing date of General Sheridan’s memoirs, it is little wonder that he purchased a copy for his personal library.  Not only was the subject matter of interest to a professional soldier, but it would be hard to argue that such a purchase would be anything but a good investment in a young officer’s career in the small community of the army of the day.   

Published in 1888 by Charles Webster of New York, this First Edition two volume set is hardbound in green cloth with gilt lettering on the cover and spine.  Volume One covers the early years of General Sheridan’s life and antebellum frontier experiences, and features as a frontispiece a photograph of Sheridan as a second lieutenant.  Volume Two covers his Civil War experiences and his rise in the command structure of the Indian War era army, with the frontispiece featuring a photograph of Sheridan at the rank of Lt. General.   

General Sheridan needs little, if any, introduction to students and collectors of Civil War and Indian War history.  Apparently quite popular when first published, the General’s life story is closely woven into the fabric of some of the most difficult periods in our nation’s history up to that point, and these volumes continue to enjoy a following today among modern historians.  

Both volumes are inscribed in ink on the front flyleaf with the legend, “Capt. Theo J. Wint, Jefferson Barracks, Mo., Dec 10th, 1888”.   Both volumes are in like condition, showing minimal wear to the covers, a solid spine and binding, no loose, missing, or damaged pages, with smooth leaf edges.  Overall, this set can easily be rated as very good.   

A fairly scarce set in their own right, these two volumes have the added historical significance of being owned by a well known, successful professional soldier of the period who was held in high regard by his peers and who participated in some of the most notable engagements that occurred during the period of his service.  This is a very special set to have survived with both volumes intact and together, and will be a remarkable addition to your library and, or, your collection.  (0966)  $850

NOTE:  A quantity of biographical information concerning the life of General Wint, including copies of the photographs shown in this listing, will accompany the sale of this set. 


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