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1911 BRITISH ARMY SERVICE CORPS MANUAL DETAILING THE USE OF ANIMALS FOR TRANSPORTING THE ARMY – USE OF HORSES, MULES, OXEN, CAMELS, ELEPHANTS & YAKS – SADDLES, WAGONS:  This 1911 printing of the manual for the Army Service CorpsTraining – Part III – Transport, printed in London, by His Majesty’s Stationary Office, details every aspect of transporting the army at a time when animal transport was beginning to be augmented by the use vehicles powered by a combustible engine.  While the text of the manual “mentions” mechanical transport, the engine powered vehicles are not discussed or shown in diagrams, the totality of the manual’s content is concentrated on animal powered transport, to include saddles, both riding and pack, wagons, and the use of horses, mules, ponies, camels, elephants, oxen, and yaks.  In addition to the detailed 253 page text, the manual also includes numerous diagrams of the various saddles, harness and wagons employed.  While the average military collector has never considered adding an elephant pack saddle to his collection, the detailed information contained in this manual makes for an interesting study into the use and deployment of a variety of beasts to support an army stationed literally around the world.  As you read through this manual it is very easy to imagine one of His Majesty’s Tommies, fresh from a quiet English village, attempting to cope with a recalcitrant elephant, and thinking that they never mentioned this at the recruiting depot.   The condition of the manual shows a little use on the hardboard covers, but the binding is tight, all the pages and plates are intact.  The company who sold these manuals pasted lists of additional volumes available from their inventory inside the front and back covers and these flyers alone are of a lighter paper and show more wear along the edges and a couple of the pages of these advertising flyers are loose, but the primary text is all intact and tight.  Overall, a great manual.  SOLD



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