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1855 ORDNANCE DEPARTMENT REPORT ON RIFLED INFANTRY ARMS; JOSIAH GORGAS, CHIEF OF ORDNANCE, CONFEDERATE STATES ARMY:   An original printing of the 1855 Report on Rifled Infantry Arms written by J. Schon, a Captain in the Royal Saxon Army and translated by Josiah Gorgas after returning from his tour of the Ordnance facilities of the European powers in the mid 1850's. 

Gorgas, then a US Army Ordnance officer was a member of the "Crimea Commission" ordered by Sec War Jefferson Davis, and which included George McClellan.  Gorgas resigned his commission at the onset of the Civil War and became the CSA Chief of Ordnance. 

This report is a 9" x 11.5" format and is 53 pages long, plus 13 fold out plates.  This was the study leading to the development and adoption by the US Army of the 1855 and 1861 Springfield Rifled Muskets and the Minie Bullet. 

This document was apparently part of a larger volume and as such there are no hard covers.  All the pages are intact and legible.  A real nice, early Ordnance document with a firm historical context and association with some well known personalities.  $250



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