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WORLD WAR ONE US ARMY MEDICAL CORPS TRENCH ART – MODEL 1910 CANTEEN CUP ID’d TO MAJOR GEORGE S. FODEN – CO OF CAMP HOSPITAL NO. 10 IN THE MARNE REGION OF FRANCE, 1918 - EXCELLENTLY EXECUTED DESIGNS WITH FULL COVERAGE:  This theater-made piece of World War One American Expeditionary Force Commemorative Trench Art is a very unique offering in that it was decorated by an officer who is identified in the engraving, and from all appearances, the engraving was executed during the time Major George S. Foden, USAMC, M.D. was on the Western Front in France.   

Major George S. Foden served with the American Expeditionary Force as the commanding officer of the U.S. Army Camp Hospital Number 10.  Camp Hospital Number 10 was established in April, 1918, at Prauthoy, Haute-Marne Department in northeastern France, and began to operate April 20, 1918.   The hospital was a standard type B, 300-bed unit, capable of expanding to 360 beds in an emergency.  It served the tenth training area, which was successively occupied by the 32nd, 29th, 79th, and 82nd US Army Infantry Divisions. During the months of April and May, 1918, the hospital was operated by the medical staff of the 32nd Division and upon departure of that division, was operated temporarily by Evacuation Hospital No. 5.  On June 28, 1918, the permanent personnel of Camp Hospital No. 5 arrived, and took charge of the facility on July 1, 1918. The hospital ceased to function on March 23, 1919, and its personnel were reassigned to other organizations for duty.  According to the date on Major Foden’s cup, he apparently had separated from the hospital and had begun his trip home to the United States prior to the closure of the hospital.  

Major Foden chose his Model 1910 Canteen Cup as his canvas, and he executed a separate exquisitely detailed design on each of the four sides and the bottom of the cup.  The front of the cup is fully covered with the U.S. Army National Eagle, which incorporates all of the minute detail of stars, feather veins, and legend on the banner.  The left side (as held by the handle) of the cup bears the winged caduceus of the Medical Corps with U. S. on each side of the staff.  The right side of the cup bears the oak leaf insignia of Foden’s rank – major, again engraved in amazing detail.  The back of the cup is simply engraved “A. E. F.”.  The bottom of the cup was apparently executed during his return trip to the United States, as it bears the legend: 





Above this inscription is what appears to be a depiction of one of the ward or pyramidal tents used for shelter in the camp hospitals. 

All of the engraving is fully legible and the cup retains its full form with no dents or misshaping.   

This is a spectacular piece of trench art from the Great War, fully identified to the medical officer who created it, and executed during the time of his service with the AEF on the Western Front.   (0901)  $375



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