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HARDY-BEEBE BINOCULAR LOUPE – IN THE ORIGINAL BOX – EARLY 20TH CENTURY SURGICAL MAGNIFIERS PATENTED 1912 – EXCELLENT CONDITION:  This Hardy-Beebe Binocular Loupe was manufactured in the years preceding World War One by F.A. Hardy  & Company, an optical wholesaler and manufacturer located in Chicago, Illinois and established there since the later part of the 19th Century.  Well known for their optical instruments such as optometers, ophthalmometers, lens testing kits, and these binocular loupes, the company also known to have manufactured such items as “autoglasses”, a type of goggles worn by early automobile drivers, and expanding desk lamps.   

In the original box, this Binocular Loupe is in “like new” condition, showing no signs of wear or damage.  The lenses are completely clear with no scratches, the metal frame is still bright with no corrosion or discoloring, and the focus wheel turns freely.   

The loupe is in the original box.  The box shows some wear and the top label is somewhat faded, but most of the printing is still legible.  The entire company legend on the top of the box reads:


Binocular Loupe

Patented July 28, 1912  February 18, 1914

Manufactured by

F.A. Hardy & Company 

The box is full form with some wear to the corners, particularly the bottom left corner of the bottom of the box.  The box is still solid and displays quite well.   

An early medical magnifying device, this binocular loupe is the type of instrument that would have been purchased by the army for issue to the medical doctors serving in the post and field hospitals, and this set would make a nice addition to a medical officer’s display.  SOLD


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