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WORLD WAR TWO SULFANILAMIDE PACKETS OF THE TYPE CARRIED BY INDIVIDUAL SOLDIERS AND THE MEDICAL CORPSMEN – LIKE NEW OLD STOCK IN EXCELLENT CONDITION:  These 5 Gram paper packets of Sulfanilamide were introduced to the armed services in 1941 as an immediate measure available to the individual serviceman to prevent infection in open wounds.  One of several different versions of these packets that were produced by a number of different pharmaceutical companies, these packets were manufactured by Upjohn Company.   

Per US Army regulations, each soldier carried one of these packets with his field dressing packet.  By July of 1944, the US Army Surgeon General determined that these packets were not appropriate for the treatment of wounds in the field and recommended that the issue of these packets be suspended.  The development of Penicillin as a generally successful antibiotic eventually replaced Sulfanilamide.      

Measuring 4” long and 2” wide, these packets have survived in “like new” condition with sharp edges and full legible labels on the front and back of the packets.  They are still sealed and show no signs of wear, aging, nor do they have any damage. 

This is a great item to display with your Individual First Aid Dressing and Pouch, a Medical Corpsman bag, a Enlisted Medical Belt, or with a selection of other medical equipment.  I located a very small number of these packets, and when these are gone, I have no way of restocking them.  (0217)  $25



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