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MODEL 1881 ENLISTED MANíS DRESS HELMET EAGLE PLATE AND SIDE BUTTONS Ė HOSPITAL STEWARD:  As issued to the Indian War Hospital Stewards for wear on their Model 1881 Enlisted Manís Dress Helmet, this is very nice, complete  set of insignia consisting of the correct Staff Plate with the applied German silver caduceus and the two matching side buttons, both bearing the caduceus insignia.  One of the more difficult plates to find, the Staff Plate did not have the integral crossed sabres, rifles or cannons as on the Cavalry, Infantry or Artillery Plates.  The Staff Plate was issued to enlisted men in the Commissary, Medical, Ordnance, Quartermaster, Signal and other staff departments, to which the solider affixed the appropriate German silver device to indicate his specialty.   

In very good condition with much of the bright gilt finish remaining, this plate is full form with no damage and the caduceus is likewise in excellent condition.  The plate is missing the three attaching wires which were soldered on the reverse, but this is a simple restoration should you prefer to do so.  Both of the side buttons have the two brass tabs intact and buttons are full form with a nice even finish.   

Due to the relatively low number of Hospital Stewards in service during the Indian War era, this is a relatively rare set, particularly with all three of these unique pieces of insignia intact as a grouping.  SOLD





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