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EARLY 20TH CENTURY US ARMY VETERINARIAN SYRINGE SET – COMPETE WITH NEEDLE CASE:  This large syringe and needle set is of the size, and packed in its original OD khaki roll, is in the style of a pocket instrument set that was carried by US Army Veterinarians.  The horses and mules which kept the army moving required constant attention, especially in the field, and such instrument sets were provided to the army veterinarians. 

This Syringe Case is in the original OD khaki cotton material wrapper, and is complete with the wooden needle case with all three needles present.  The cloth wrapper shows no sign of having been issued or carried in the field, and is in excellent condition with no wear spots, complete with both full length ties.  The large syringe, measuring 4 ¾” long and ¾” in diameter, is marked with the manufacturer’s name.  The plunger moves smoothly and the syringe has an overall bright, shiny surface, showing no wear.  The two piece wooden needle case, measuring 2 ½” long and 1 ¼” in diameter, is full form with no cracks or other damage and it contains the three original full length needles for the syringe.  Other than the manufacturer’s name on the syringe, the set is unmarked, however the color, style and weight of the wrapper is obviously made for military use.   

This is an unusual piece to display with your early 20Th Century cavalry collection and a unique piece of US Army Veterinarian medical equipment.  SOLD




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