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U.S. MILITARY HOLSTERS AND CARTRIDGE BOXES BOOK- MEADOWS – 1 of 100 DELUXE LEATHER BOUND EDITIONS:  An ex-libris edition of an original edition of U.S. MILITARY HOLSTERS AND CARTRIDGE BOXES by Edward Scott Meadows.  This 432 page edition is one of the 100 Deluxe Leather Bound Editions that was inscribed by the author to a well known author and antique militaria dealer, R. Stephen Dorsey, dated 1987, the same year of the original printing.  Featuring maroon leather hard covers with the gold foil lettering and Ordnance Department insignia on the front cover, this copy is in literally unused condition with no dog-eared pages, and no damage to the cover corners.  That being said, I know for a fact that Steve Dorsey regularly referred to this reference and held it in high esteem. 

I purchased my copy in 1988, the first serious addition to my reference library.  I remember paying $60 – thought the price was outrageous at the time - but something told me it would be a good investment.  I cannot begin to estimate the amount of money that original $60 purchase price saved me – keeping me from making bad purchases, and identifying uncountable truly special holsters I was able to add to my collection because I knew what I was buying.  It has been one of a handful of texts that I keep within arms reach of my desk due to the frequency I reach for it.  To put it in perspective, for all the value I have gleaned from that book, 27 years ago I paid the princely sum of .14 cents a page…………….   Collectors who didn’t have a chance to purchase a copy when they were first issued, have willingly paid as much as $350 for a copy in recent years.   

This well known book has been regarded as the research source on US military holsters for several decades and is now out of print and almost impossible to find on the market.  If you are going to collect U.S. military holsters, you cannot afford to be without a copy of this book.  SOLD



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