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1885 CAVALRY EQUIPMENT MANUAL - ORDNANCE DEPARTMENT MEMORANDA 29 REPRINT: A quality reprint of  “CAVALRY EQUIPMENT 1885, ORDNANCE MEMORANDA No. 29”.   This manual was originally printed in Washington by the Government Printing Office in 1891 and is an exact reproduction of the service manual issued by the U.S. Army to the soldiers during the Indian War Period.   

This manual details the changes in cavalry equipment from the earlier 1874 manual, incorporating the new 1881/85 equipment.   

The manual consists of 23 pages of text detailing the selection and description of the various pieces of equipment to include: the Model 1885 saddle, saddle bags, saber belt, holster, Model 1885 Woven Cartridge Belt, saddle cloths, mess gear, bit, and bridle.  In addition, there are twenty additional pages of illustrated plates that show each item of the soldier’s issue.    

An excellent source of information regarding the issue and wear of this equipment for collector and reenactor alike, and an important addition to the library of any serious student of the Indian Wars.  This copy is brand new and unused.  SOLD  



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