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GUNSMOKE AND SADDLE LEATHER - Firearms in the Nineteenth Century American West:  Newly released in the Fall of 2005, Charles "Chuck" Worman has captured in this, his most recent work, the story of the firearm on the American Frontier as employed by every stripe of character found in West - soldier, pioneer, professional hunter, lawman, outlaw, settler and the Native American.  Through exhaustive research, Mr. Worman has located and included original, first person accounts written by these early occupants of the West, many appearing for the first time in a published work, giving voice to the men and women of the West to tell their own story of the role of the firearm in their often uncertain and violent world.   Incorporating these primary source writings and period images of the men and women of the West, as well as literally hundreds of photographs of historically important guns in this 522 page volume, the author develops the fascinating story of the firearms prevalent in each period of Western history for the collector and student of history alike.  

While hardly a fair representation of the material contained between the covers, the sample photograph below will provide you with some idea of the format and content of this book. 

Charles Worman is well recognized and respected for his knowledge of the development and use of the firearm throughout American history and is particularly well known to be one of the “go to” people for his experience with true Western guns.  This reputation is only enforced with the depth and expanse of this published work, making it a “must have” addition for your library.

You can order GUNSMOKE AND SADDLE LEATHER - Firearms in the Nineteenth Century American West direct from the author and obtain an autographed copy, $65 ppd.  Charles “Chuck” Worman can be contacted via    



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