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AMERICAN MILITARY BELTS AND RELATED EQUIPMENTS, R. Stephen Dorsey:  Dorsey’s first book in a series of well written, heavily researched volumes covering many areas of US military collectables, this work - while expanded dramatically in his more recently published U.S. MARTIAL BELTS AND BANDOLIERS 1903-1981 and AMERICAN MILITARY AND NAVAL BELTS 1812-1902, - still stands as a useful reference for the beginning collector or a handy book to have on hand at a show for quick reference.   

As Dorsey states in the foreword: "This particular effort, a discussion of narrow but important areas of martial belts of 1830's through the turn of the century, is intended only as a brief cataloguing of the waist and cartridge belts and the close-related, commonly-encountered accoutrements often seen in displays and for sale at arms shows."   

This 130 page paperback covers waist, sabre and cartridge belts, edged weapons, and accoutrements from the 1830’s through the early 1900s, and each offering is well described with historical notes, features, special fittings, markings, and measurements, and accompanied with detailed photographs. 

This ex-libris soft bound copy is in very good condition, showing very little signs of use or wear, and no damage. SOLD


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