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MODEL 1877 AND 1882 TRAPDOOR HEADLESS CASE EXTRACTOR MANUALS – TWO MANUAL SET - ORDNANCE DEPARTMENT MANUAL REPRINTS:  These are quality reprints of the “DIRECTIONS FOR THE USE OF THE HEADLESS CARTRIDGE SHELL EXTRACTOR - 1877” and the “HEADLESS SHELL EXTRACTOR FOR SPRINGFIELD RIFLE AND CARBINE, NATIONAL ARMORY, MODEL 1882” that were supplied from the Springfield Armory.  These are exact reproductions of the service broadsides issued by the U.S. Army to instruct the soldiers on the proper use of the headless shell extractors. These tools came about as the result of the tendency of the soft copper cartridges becoming stuck in the chamber of the M1873 Trapdoor Springfield Rifles and Carbines upon being fired.  As a result when the soldier opened the breech block and attempted to extract the shell, the head of the case was torn off leaving the body of the cartridge stuck to the walls of the chamber and rendering the firearm useless.  This occurrence is well documented as having been a problem during the Battle of the Little Big Horn.  These tools allowed the soldier to drive out the cartridge case and rejoin the battle.  The 1877 pamphlet is 2 pages, and the 1882 is three pages and they include descriptive and instructive text on the use of these unique tools.  Offered here as a set of two, these are an important addition to the library of any serious student of the Indian Wars, and the Trapdoor Springfield Rifles and Carbines.  $4


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