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1875 US ARMY COLT AND S&W SCHOFIELD AND GATLING GUN INSPECTORS GUIDE- ORDNANCE DEPARTMENT MANUAL REPRINT:  A quality reprint of the “RULES FOR INSPECTION OF ARMY REVOLVERS AND GATLING GUNS”.  Prepared by Lt. Col. Benton, Commanding Officer of the Springfield Armory, and dated 1875, this is an exact reproduction of the service manual issued by the U.S. Army to instruct sub-inspectors on the method and process of inspecting the famous Colt Model 1873 SA Pistol, the Model 1875 Smith and Wesson Schofield Pistol, and the Colt Gatling Guns for acceptance into the Ordnance Department inventory.   The manual consists of 28 pages of detailed, step by step instructions on the inspection of each component and finish of each arm, as well as several diagrams of the internal works of the Gatling gun mechanism.  This is an important addition to the library of any serious student of the Indian Wars, Springfield Arms, and the process of inspecting arms for the US Army. SOLD



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