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DIRECTORY OF AMERICAN MILITARY GOODS DEALERS & MAKERS 1785 - 1915, by Bazelon & McGuinn:  The authors of this valuable reference tackled what can only be described as a Herculean task – that of identifying, collecting and researching the persons and firms who manufactured and sold the wide spectrum of military equipment for the American military.  As the title states, encompassing the years 1785- 1915, this 180 page volume reflects the suppliers who provided the military with the uniforms, insignia, accoutrements, horse equipment, tentage, mess gear – the list is almost endless.  While it does not list those companies engaged in firearm manufacturing such as Colt or Sharps, it does list those firms that sold the guns at the retail level.  Each maker is listed alphabetically with the merchant’s address(es), dates of operation, and what goods the firm produced and/or sold.  All valuable information that allows the collector, using the maker’s name and address on an artifact, to determine when the piece was produced and from where it was purchased.  There are reproductions of some of the makers’ labels, broadsides and newspaper advertisement.  This is a very useful reference which adds a nice dimension to your collection, and I find I regularly refer to my copy.    

This ex-libris copy is in excellent condition, showing no signs of use or wear.  (0918) $35



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