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GUN REPORT MAGAZINES – EXCELLENT REFERENCE MATERIAL: “GUN REPORT” was a very highly respected antique arms magazine published from 1955 until 2011, catering to collectors of firearms, edged weapons, ammunition, accoutrements and appendages.  With the magazine no longer in business, back issues are still sought after as valuable sources of information.   

The excellent articles published in the magazine through the years were often the sole source of information on some of the rarer or obscure pieces in the field.  In addition to the articles, the issues contain regular columns specifically addressing such topics as Lugers, Ordnance Department history and information, collector’s ammunition, and book reviews.  In some cases, these columns contain information available no where else.  The antique gun dealers’ ads with photographs provide some interesting insight as well, reflecting prices through the years and highlighting offerings of very special pieces. 

These complete issues have been bundled into groupings reflecting a general period of the publication.  Each set is offered below with the issues identified by date and with some sampling of the articles or information contained in that particular set.  The individual magazines are in very good to excellent condition and as far as I could tell, they are complete.   

These groupings are offered as is.  I will not pull individual issues for sale and the sales are final.  This is a scarce opportunity to benefit from a former collector’s retention of these issues through the years.  Each group is priced and described below, and your order will be shipped “Media Mail”, one of the least expensive rates offered by the USPS. 



GUN REPORT – GROUP 1:  Consists of 6 magazines – all “Gun Report” – Sept, Dec, 1973; Feb, Mar, Oct, 1974; Mar, 1979. 

The highlights covered in these issues include:  M1841 Mississippi Rifle; USN Percussion Revolvers; M1871 Experimental Sharps Rifle; Colt Peacemakers; Cane Gun; Colt SA Contracts; US Carbine Slings; Bannerman’s; President Washington’s Inaugural Sword; Pederson 1918 Springfield Rifle; Civil War Signal Pistol; French Bayonets; German Musket; Lipfire Revolvers; and “Rifles In the US Cavalry”.  Group 1:  $20 

GUN REPORT – GROUP 2:  Consists of 6 magazines – all “Gun Report” – June, 1981; Sept, 1982; Oct, Dec, 1983; June, Dec, 1984.   

The highlights covered in these issues include:  Crispin Breech Loading Rifle; Evans Rifle; Remington-Beals Rifle; Doune Pistols; Winchester Model 1873 Rifles; M1911 Pistols; Early American Bolt Action Rifles; Congreve Rockets; Breechloading Muskets; and Post-CW Spencers.  Group 2:  $20

GUN REPORT – GROUP 3:  Consists of 8 magazines – all “Gun Report” –Mar, Apr, May, July, Aug, Sept, Nov, Dec, 1990. 

The highlights covered in these issues include:  Antique Leather Care; Westly Richards Rifle; Lee Bolt Rifles; Confederate Texas Rifle; American Gun Makers; Cartridge Boxes; Bowie Knife; Pre-64 Winchester Model 70; Wells Fargo Blake Rifle; Sword Knots; Antique Gun Care; Early US Holsters; 1st Model Brown Bess Musket; Lugers; 6mm Lee Rifle; Colt Dragoons; and Spanish Colonial Arms and Armor.  Group 3:  SOLD

GUN REPORT – GROUP 4:  Consists of 10 magazines – all “Gun Report” – Feb, Mar, Nov, Dec, 1991; Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Dec, 1992. 

The highlights covered in these issues include:  Arms as Art; M1910 Mills Belts; Pistols of the Punjabi; M1912 Mills Cavalry Belt; 1922 .22 Rifles; Newton Rifles; Vernier Sights; M1914 Mills Cartridge Belt; M1918 Mills Cartridge Belt; Mossberg .22 Shotguns; Multi-ball Cartridges; 6mm Lee Navy Rifle; Indian Police Remingtons; Hollifield Dotter Device; Modified Prairie Belt; Remington Split Breech Carbine; Singer M1911 Pistols; Schalk Rifle-Musket; M-1 Sniper Rifles; Lindsay Firearms; Pape Chokes; M1903 Rod Bayonet Rifle; and the Remington Rollin White Conversion.  Group 4:  $50 

GUN REPORT – GROUP 5:  Consists of 9 magazines – all “Gun Report” – May, 1997; Oct, Nov, Dec, 1999; and Mar, Apr, July, Aug and Oct, 2000. 

The highlights covered in these issues include:  Arming the Confederacy; Waters South Carolina Muskets; Rough Rider Colt SA; London Root Revolver; Trial Cartridge Vest; M1880 Hunting Knives; Revolutionary War Cartridges; Philippine Constabulary Belts; Spillers and Burr Revolvers; Confederate Revolvers; Arsenal Inspectors; European Medieval Helmets; Henry Rifles; M-1 Carbines; Charleville Muskets; Parker Field Revolutionary War Rifle; Colt M1855 Rifle; 1880 US Army Barrack Rifle Racks; Gwyn & Campbell Arms; M1860 Colt Army Thuer Conversion; US Army Carbine Slings; Colt US Navy Pistols; and Davenport Arms.  Group 5:  $30 

GUN REPORT – GROUP 6:  Consists of 7 magazines – all “Gun Report” – Jan and Feb, 2001; July and Oct, 2002; May and Sept, 2003; and Aug, 2006. 

The highlights covered in these issues include:  Gwyn and Campbell Arms; 1862 Colts; Lugers; Confederate Sabre; WWI Holsters; London Colts; Borchardt’sche Selbstlade Pistol; Spencer Sporter Rifle; Virginia Manufactory of Arms; Bowie Knives; S&W Lend Lease Revolvers; Rare McKeever Cartridge Box; Nock’s Breechloading Flintlock Musket; and the M1841 Rifle with the Linder Conversion.  Group 6:  SOLD

MIXED OFFERING – MAN AT ARMS, ARMS GAZETTE, MILITARY COLLECTOR AND HISTORIAN, AND GUN REPORT – GROUP 7:  Consists of 14 magazines – “Man At Arms” (07/1984, 07/1985. 09/1986, 04/2010, 05/2010); “Arms Gazette” (01/1976, 03/1979, 06/1979, 07/1979); “Gun Report” (02/2001, 05/2003); “Military Collector and Historian” (Fall 2010, Spring 2016); and “Arms Collecting” 02/1993. 

The highlights covered in these issues include: French and Indian War Muskets; Winchester .22 Rifles; 19th Century German Gun Makers; 1895 Nagant Pistols; Starr Wolcott Carbines; Colt .25 Autos; Colt Patterson Revolvers; British Dueling Pistols; Naval Pikes; Foreign Firearms in US Service 1776-1865; Texas Winchesters; American Exported Bayonets; Continental Congress Presentation Swords; Winchester Museum; M1812 Muskets; Henry Deringer Arms; American Socket Bayonets; English Lock Makers; Lugers; Philippine Constabulary Accoutrements; Indian Scout’s Colt SA; M1911 Pistols; Trapdoor Forager Shotguns; High Standard .380 Pistols; Browning Centennial Rifle; Bowie Knives; Smith and Wesson Lend Lease Revolvers; Colt Pistols; McKeever 40 Round Cartridge Box; Personal Purchase WWI Officers’ Holsters; and Borchardtsche Pistol.  Group 7: $40  


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