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THE SOLDIER’S MANUAL 1824, by J.H. NESMITH OF PHILADELPHIA – A VERY NICE SLEEVED 1963 FACSIMILE EDITION OF A VERY EARLY US ARMY MANUAL:  This is a quality facsimile edition of THE SOLDIER’S MANUAL written by J. H. Nesmith in 1824 and published in Philadelphia.  One of the earliest published manuals in use by the developing US Army and the various militia units, this volume provided detailed descriptions of troop movements and weapon deployment and use by the individual soldier.   

As original copies of this manual are beyond rare – only one is known to exist in the public domain – this facsimile edition, printed in 1963, continues to be one of the most valuable resources of original information about that early period of the US military.    

Contained in a box-like sleeve, this is an attractive reprint in a 8 ¾” by 5 ¾” format.  The manual consists of 73 pages of text, plus eleven full color illustrated plates depicting soldiers of various cavalry and infantry units.  The colored plates were quite famous in their own right and were often removed from the original printing of the manual in order to be framed in the custom of the day.   

This is a useful addition to your research library in order to gain a true perspective of the training, deployment and mission of the early 19TH Century US Army.  This ex libris copy is in like new condition and shows little use, with sharp corners, clean covers, all the pages intact and no staining.   (0813)  $15   


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