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THE STORY OF BANNERMAN ISLAND - ORIGINAL PRINTING:  I believe this monograph was published back in the 1960’s during what was to be the last of the halcyon days of the famous Bannerman Island in the Hudson River not far from West Point, and the well known Bannerman Store in New York City. 

A pamphlet sized paperback, this 52 page book provides a detailed history of Francis Bannerman’s business efforts, concentrating on his island “castle” and it features many, many photographs of the island’s exterior and interior. 

Bannerman has been credited with being the cornerstone of modern militaria collecting in the United States, and without the massive inventory he maintained over the years, the antique militaria market would be a shadow of what it is today. 

If you weren’t collecting “back in the day”, this monograph will give you a taste of “the good old days”.  SOLD


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