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ANTIQUE SADDLE CATALOG REPRINT SET –  1876 DECAMP LEVOY & 1925 PERKINS CAMPBELL – GOOD EARLY SADDLE PRODUCTION REFERENCE SET:  These are quality reprints of period catalogs issued by two of the best known saddle making companies of their time, offered here as a set. 

This set includes:  

- The 1876 DeCAMP, LEVOY & CO. Saddlery and Harness Catalog.  Located in Cincinnati, Ohio, DeCamp, Levoy and Co. was one of the premier saddle manufacturing companies of the era, and this illustrated catalog provides a comprehensive view into the saddlery industry of the post Civil War era.  Printed in the original 8 ˝” by 6” format and the cover artwork printed in the original tones, this catalog consists of 119 pages, each of which features a detailed illustration of a saddle or set of harness offered by the company, with a heavy emphasis on saddles.   

- The 1925 Perkins-Campbell Saddle Company Saddlery and Harness Catalog.  Located in Cincinnati, Ohio Perkins-Campbell Melbach was one of the first to incorporate photography into their catalogs, making this reprint a particularly valuable research tool, as the photographs eliminate the possibility of any artist’s interpretation, showing the saddles exactly as they were manufactured.  Printed in the original 7 ˝” by 8” format and the cover artwork printed in the original tones, this catalog consists of 86 pages, each illustrated with clear photographs of saddles. 

These two catalogs feature many of the important historical saddle designs to include the Buena Vista, McClellan, Morgan, Mosbys, southern Kilgore, Somersets, Texas Saddle, and Whitman, as well as a good selection of English, boys, and women’s saddles, bridles, bits, spurs and a variety of other associated merchandise. 

This set of catalogs will be a good addition to your research library and handy references the next time you encounter an antique saddle.    (0821) $40 for the set of two catalog reprints.


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