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19TH CENTURY SINEW BACKED BOW – A HEAVY FULL SIZED WAR OR HUNTING BOW:  This is a very attractive 19TH Century Sinew Backed Bow originally collected in New Mexico.  While the details of the origin or tribal affiliation were lost to the passage of time, this bow strongly resembles those documented in the seminal reference, the Encyclopedia of Native American Bows, Arrows, & Quivers by Allely and Hamm, as Southern Plains – Comanche and Kiowa – or Apache.  The proportions and weight of this bow indicate that it was made for serious work, whether for defending or feeding the warrior’s family, and the appearance of the bow testifies that it was regularly employed during its period of use.   

The entire length of the bow is fully sinew backed, with the sinew having survived in very good condition and showing only minimal wear.  The bow has a nice naturally aged patina and it has a great feel.  The bow is complete with a heavy twisted doubled cord sinew bow string which matches the size of the bow and provides an attractive finished presentation of the bow.   

Measuring 45” long along the curve and 1 ¼” by 1” at the grip, the bow limbs taper down evenly on both limbs to just under 1” wide at the string notches at each end.  Toward the outer limits of the limbs, traces of red earth paint can be found between the individual cords of sinew and there is one place towards the center of the bow which still retains a trace of a blue-green earth or trade paint – evidence that this bow was likely decorated to some degree when newly made.   

Having survived in very good condition, this is a very evocative example of a Native American bow from the 19TH Century when these weapons defined the line between survival and perishing on the Western Frontier.   (0366)  $1950



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