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ca. 1870-1890 SIOUX FULLY BEADED MOCCASINS – SINEW SEWN – STRIKING PATTERN, BEAUTIFUL COLORS AND IN VERY GOOD CONDITION:  This is a beautiful set of fully beaded Lakota-Sioux moccasins judged to date from the last three decades of the 19th Century, showing genuine use by the Native American owner.    

The beadwork features full coverage in a pleasant combination of colors, incorporating the well known mountain or lodge patterns, crosses and rectangles elements.  The beadwork is overall complete with no loss of beads or broken strands.  The colors of beads include a very pretty medium royal blue, dark blue, rose-white lined, and greasy yellow.  The beadwork was executed in animal sinew, as was the assembly of the moccasins.  This pair exhibits evidence that they were worn on a regular basis for some time before being acquired as a collectible.   

The native brain tanned hide uppers are in excellent condition, still soft and supple.  While showing some sign of wear, again consistent with the condition of the soles and cloth trim, there are no split seams or weak points.  The buckskin cuff of the left moccasin was replaced during the period of use with a strip of brown cotton cloth.  That this pair was originally made with buckskin cuffs, and then at some point the one cuff had to be replaced and was executed with a piece of cloth, may indicate that this pair was made prior to the family entering the reservation.  Once on the reservation buckskin became a premium commodity and cloth was more available.  The replacement was definitely executed during the period this pair was still being worn, and while the cloth is solid without any damage or tears, it does show discoloration and soiling from regular use. 

The soles may very well be buffalo hide, as they retain that characteristic brown color found on early buffalo rawhide on the inner surface of the soles.  The soles of both moccasins are in very solid condition, full form with all of the stitching to the uppers intact.  Both show evidence of wear and the imprint of the original owner’s feet, and the sole of the right moccasin has a worn spot that was nicely repaired years ago.   

The moccasins measure a full 9 ½” long and are 3 ¼” wide at the ball of the foot. 

This is a very attractive pair of early Lakota Sioux moccasins, made for use by a family member and not produced for commercial trade that has survived in very nice condition.  (0332)  $1550



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