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APACHE “FLOP HEAD” WAR CLUB – VERY NICE SPECIMEN – STONE HEAD, RAWHIDE COVERED, SINEW SEWN – CLASSIC FORM:  This is a classic example of the war clubs carried by the Apache Warriors during the 19TH Century.  At once a lethal instrument in the hands of warrior and yet a graceful piece of Native art, it is little wonder that these clubs remain one of the most sought after Indian Wars era collectables.  Definitely a war club made during the years of hostilities and not a piece made in later years for the tourist trade.   

An ingenious design that transcends ancient cultures across the globe, the rawhide encapsulated stone head is depended from the rigid shaft by a length of braided rawhide.  This flexible connection allowed for the head to develop more inertia as the club was swung, resulting in a much greater impact when it struck the enemy than that delivered by a club which had the stone head attached directly to the shaft.  Measuring 2” in diameter, the stone head is of substantial weight, and the rawhide covering is fully intact and very tight.  The flexible braided suspension measures 5” long and the thick braid, while still flexible, shows no weak points or breaks.  

The shaft, measuring 15” long and approximately 1” in diameter, is covered with native rawhide stitched with sinew.  The sinew stitching is intact with no separation and has a smooth, well handled texture, again evidence of the age and wear of this piece.  The rawhide covering is very tight over the underlying wood shaft and the cuts used to shape the wooden shaft can be felt through the rawhide.  The twisted rawhide wrist loop is still attached and full length.  Attached to the bottom of the shaft is the remnant of animal hair, probably what remains of a section of a decorative cow or horse tail pendant that was full length when the club was first made.  

The rawhide covering the head, forming the flexible flail, covering the shaft, and forming the twisted wrist loop all has a very pleasant aged and well handled patina.    

As seen in period photographs displayed on the walls of period officers’ quarters and enlisted men’s barracks as part of their trophy collections, this particularly nice specimen will fit well with your display of Indian Wars era weapons and equipment.  (0351)  $1450



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