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NATIVE AMERICAN BRASS CONCHO BELT HAND STAMPED DESIGNS ON THE MATCHING SET OF CONCHOS A VERY ATTRACTIVE OLD BELT:  This is a very attractive old Brass Concho Belt in the style once common to almost all of the western Plains, Southwest and Plateau tribes.  In spite of the large number of these belts which appear in the old period photographs, they are seldom offered on the market today, particularly belts which exhibit the high quality metal work seen on these conchos.    

The eleven matching heavy brass plate conchos have an attractive deep-domed shape which results in the conchos standing high - well proud of the belt surface.  All of the conchos bear the same matching hand stamped design featuring a central star-like design surrounded by a continuous peripheral design.  On the reverse, is soldered a hand formed brass loop.  All of the conchos retain a very attractive even aged patina, and all retain their full form with no dents or other damage.  

The heavy harness leather base belt, measuring 35 long and 3 wide, shows all the characteristics of age and heavy wear, but it still remains pliable without any weak points or integrity problems.  The surface is flexed where it would have conformed to the body, and there is some crazing and flexing in the center of the belt where it would have been subjected to the most wear across the front of the body assuming it was tied over the spine.  The belt is apparently original to the domed conchos as the on the inside of the belt, depressions of the same shape as the conchos are pressed into the leather where the conchos were secured to the belt with the heavy continuous buckskin thong.  The ends of the belt are punched with holes through which the buckskin tie would be secured. 

This belt would display well in either a Native American Art collection or Western gun and gun leather collection, and in either case this beautiful belt would be an outstanding addition.   (0440)  $2450


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