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ORIGINAL LAKOTA SIOUX SINEW SEWN BEADED LEGGING STRIPS - BEAUTIFUL MATCHED PAIR IN EXCELLENT CONDITION:  This is a beautiful matched pair of original, sinew sewn Sioux Manís Legging Strips of the style popular in the late 19th through early 20th Centuries.  Featuring a pleasing pattern, both strips are full length, each measuring 28" long and 2 ĹĒ wide and beaded in six lanes running the length of the strip. The beadwork is skillfully executed with sinew on brain tanned buckskin.  There are three small spots that have experienced minimal bead loss as can be seen in the photographs; however they do not appreciably impact the overall presentation of these beautiful strips.  The buckskin shows all the desirable indicators of age, however it is still supple with no hardened spots or significant wear.

While they display very well as they are, this set presents an excellent opportunity to restore them to a pair of woolen or buckskin leggings for your collection at a fraction of the normal cost of a pair of leggings. 

Single strips of this size and quality occasionally find their way to the market, but seldom do you see such an attractive matched pair available in this condition and quality.  Donít miss this opportunity.  $1050



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