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PLAINS INDIAN WAR CLUB EXCELLENT PIECE FROM THE 19TH CENTURY:  While this war club reflects the classic style of those carried by the Native American Warriors on the Northern Plains of the 19th Century, it is unique in that it incorporates materials the warrior obtained from the white industrial culture.  Still, very much a lethal instrument in the hands of a mounted warrior and made with the same sense of balance and form of the stone head clubs, this club will certainly add to any collection of Indian Wars artifacts.    

The club measures 21 " in overall length, and the head is 2" in diameter.  The shaft is made of an iron rod that goes all the way through the head, rather than a wooden shaft.  The head of the club is possibly made of lead.  The rawhide covering completely covers the ball so there is no way to know, but it feels very dense, it is very heavy, and a magnet will not stick to the ball like it does to the shaft.  The head alone weighs 1 1/2 pounds and overall the club is very substantial definitely intended to be used as a weapon and not as a decorator or a piece for show, evidenced by one side of the head being flattened due to being struck against something. 

The shaft, measuring 19 long and approximately in diameter, is covered with native rawhide stitched with sinew.  The rawhide surface shows some desirable wear, but is solid, unbroken, and still holds the head securely to the shaft.  The sinew stitching is intact with no separation and has a smooth, well handled texture, again evidence of the age and wear of this piece.  The rawhide covering is well worn, and the seam is polished smooth from handling - one of the tell tale signs of age.   It appears that something was wrapped around the shaft at one time when the club was freshly made and the rawhide was still wet as it left a spiral imprint in the rawhide. 

This very unique old club has survived the years in excellent condition, and it is special in that it shows the trans-cultural use of materials by the Indians during the period of western expansion.  (0031c)  $1050  



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