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19TH CENTURY BUFFALO HORN WALL MOUNT – ORIGINAL SET IN VERY GOOD CONDITION:  One of the most collectible surviving relics of the commercial buffalo hunts on the western plains, these 19TH Century Buffalo Horn mounts were very popular decorator pieces during the Victorian Age, and are now actively sought by modern collectors.  Made into furniture such as chairs, footstools, and tables, used as the hangers on small wall mounted hat racks up to large elaborate hall trees, and fashioned into all sorts of table sized pieces such as pin cushions, desk sets, clocks, ashtrays, and pen and ink sets, the range of artifacts fashioned from the horns and hooves of the millions of buffalo taken during that short period was only limited by the imagination of the craftsmen and their customers.  Despite the brisk trade in these horn items during the last quarter of the 19TH Century, they are far from common on the collector market today.  With cow horn pieces making up the vast majority of horn artifacts found in the modern market, items made from buffalo horn are seldom encountered.   

This set is made from a matched pair of large horns - from the size and shape, probably from a bull – and each horn measures 4” across the base and 13 ½” long measured along the outside curve, and the set measures a very impressive 20 ½” long at its widest point.  

The horns are mounted on a solid central cylindrical shaped block which is covered with the original black or dark brown nappy chenille material.  The material is solid without any tears or holes, but the surface of the material on one side has lost some of its nap – commensurate with the sort of age most of these Victorian era pieces show.  The horns are well attached to the center block and are in no danger of separating, but there is a minor amount of wiggle where the center block – likely wood – has shrunk with age.   This set was likely a wall hanging, perhaps a trophy of a particularly large bull taken by a hunter while the buffalo herds were still ranging the west.   

Fresh from a very old collection, this set of Buffalo Horns has not seen the light of day for many decades and it is the sort of buffalo horn furnishings that just don’t appear on the market very often.  (0443)  $350



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