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BUFFALO RAWHIDE STORAGE JAR AN EARLY FRONTIER PIECE FOUND IN NEW MEXICO:  One of those wonderful early frontier pieces that used to surface with some regularity when the hunting was still good off the beaten track, this Buffalo Rawhide Storage Jar was found at a small market place in northern New Mexico in the 1960 1970 time frame, and until recently it was held in an old Texas collection.  The type of storage jar used by Native Americans, freighters and settlers to store grain, beans or any other commodity that needed to be protected from the weather or scavengers, this is a very unique piece from the days when buffalo hides were still commonly available on the southern plains.    

Measuring 17 high, 14 wide, 7 thick at the base, with a 2 diameter throat, this jar or bag was fashioned very simply, but effectively with a rolled edge seam stitched with a twisted jute cord.  The rawhide is very thick and the jar has held its shape very well through the years with a nice even aged color.  The seam is fully intact and there is a single old repair to one side approximately 2 long probably to seal a cut made in the hide when the buffalo was skinned.  The throat appears to have been sealed with a carved wooden plug. 

At one time this jar was little more than a functional necessity of frontier life, but given the slim chances of survival of utilitarian items, it is a wonder that it has survived in this condition a true rarity.  A great artifact to display in any one of several western themed collections, this unique buffalo hide jar is certain to be a conversation starter.  $1250 

NOTE:  As with many unique items like this jar, it is difficult to transmit a sense of size with a description and photographs, so below I've included a photo of the jar next to one of our only two employees, Newley, a miniature dachshund - he runs the employee snack bar when he's not asleep.  And no, he is not included in the sale of this item.   


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