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GOLD FIELD MINER’S BUCKSKIN GOLD DUST POKE:  An original miner’s gold dust “Poke” or bag, used to secure the dust and flakes of gold gleaned from his pan or cradle.  Another one of those necessary little items that were of prime importance during the years that they were used, but were not significant enough or “shiny” enough to survive through the years to collected and preserved in modern collections, these Miner’s Pokes don’t appear on the market very often.   

Measuring 6 ¾” long and 3” wide, this poke is fashioned of two pieces of soft buckskin, neatly hand stitched with a buckskin welt incorporated into the seam to seal it well enough to prevent the loss of gold dust filtering through the seam.  The top of the poke is secured with a tightly twisted cotton cord threaded through a series of holes around the top rim.   

It is worth noting that this very poke is pictured on page 138 of Cowboy Collectibles and Western Memorabilia with a set of gold dust scales identified to an 1850’s resident of Albuquerque, New Mexico. 

A great little piece that would display well with a set of gold dust scales, a Colt Model 1849 Revolver and other early gold field artifacts.  SOLD



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