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19TH CENTURY RAWHIDE TOBACCO CANTEEN – PROBABLY SOUTHWEST TRIBES:  One of those small day-to-day items that don’t appear to have survived in any great numbers, this is a very attractive Southwest tribal Rawhide Tobacco Canteen.   

Measuring 2 ¾” wide and 3 ¾” tall, including the spout, this diminutive container is formed of two pieces of rawhide which is assembled with fine sinew stitches around the circumference.  Both sides of the canteen are decorated with matching designs impressed into the rawhide.  On what I assume is the front side, the two arcs at the 9 and 3 o’clock positions enclose figure shapes which are reminiscent of those figures found in Apache baskets and Navajo artwork.  Given the reverence accorded tobacco by many of the Native Americans, that these spiritual figures are incorporated into the design is not surprising.  The canteen is closed with a wooden plug attached to the body of the canteen with a rawhide thong.  All of the stitching is intact and the surface of the rawhide is fully intact, showing no excessive wear and no damage.   

This is a wonderful little piece, finally made and well preserved through the years, which would display well with other tribal artifacts from the historic southwest.  (0431)  $650



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