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NATIVE AMERICAN MADE BEADED MITTENS – BEAUTIFUL SET TO DISPLAY WITH AN INDIAN WAR ERA GROUPING:  This is a very attractive pair of early, Native American made buckskin mittens, featuring classic floral beadwork patterns on the backs of the hands and the cuffs.   

Apparently to satisfy the market at the time, the mittens and gauntlets produced by the Native Americans during this period were overwhelmingly beaded with floral beadwork, even by those tribes that characteristically used geometric patterns in their bead work.  Perhaps the Victorian styles and tastes drove the market, but for whatever reason, most of these mittens and gauntlets were decorated as this pair is, with bright floral patterns.   

This pair is a full sized pair, large enough to fit a large grown male’s hands, and they show enough use to lend character and flavor to your display or collection, but have been well cared for through the years.  All of the seams are intact, and all of the leather is solid with no holes or wear points in danger of tearing.  The buckskin, featuring a mellow, smoky even color, is soft and pliable, and has a substantial weight - certainly made for use and not the lightweight tourist grade leather you often see.  The mittens are overall clean with the exception of some discoloration across the palms and on the inside surface of the thumb, again evidence of real use, likely on horse back or in driving a team of horses from the seat of a wagon or sleigh, caused by handling the reins.   

The bead work is complete and intact overall, with no missing beads, and no tears or loose strands.  Along the edges of the cuffs and across the knuckles, there are strips of soft beaver fur stitched over the buckskin.  These strips of fur are complete; however the stitching attaching them to the buckskin has given out in a few spots.  The strips are not loose, but this is mentioned only for the purposes of providing a complete description.   

The interior of the mittens are fully lined with a light blue flannel which is fully intact with no wear spots, tears, or open seams. 

This is a beautiful pair of beaded mittens, characteristic of those used on the Northern Plains by 19th Century army officers and 19th and 20th Century frontiersmen, cowboys and Wild West show performers, and perfect to add to your Western display.  SOLD


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