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NORTHERN PLAINS HAIR ORNAMENT TRIMMED WITH A BUFFALO TAIL:  A very nice example of the classic hair ornament worn by the warriors of the Northern Plains tribes, this beaded panel is decorated with the classic buffalo tail pendant.  

Measuring 33 in overall length, this hair ornament features a lane-beaded panel 12 long and 1 wide.  The bead work is executed on thread.  The panel is decorated at the top with one of the old metal backed trade mirrors and at the bottom with old tin cones.  The sides of the beadwork are further trimmed with strings of the same seed beads which cover the panel, and each string terminates in a tin cone holding a light pink feather fluff.  Attached to the base of the beaded panel is buffalo tail with rich dark brown to black hair.  The hair is still supple and is not brittle.  The beaded panel is stiffened on the back with a layer of rawhide stitched with sinew.   

Based on the color of the beads and the manner in which this piece was constructed, I believe it is from the early 20TH Century, but in spite of this later date, it is still fashioned in the classic form and it is a very good representative example.  SOLD


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