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GREAT PRAIRIE INDIAN IMAGE – CABINET CARD OF A WOMAN & CHILD – APPEARS TO BE OTOE, OSAGE, PAWNEE, OR PONCA:  This is a very nice cabinet card image of a Native American Woman and child.  Based on the style of the extensive large element applied floral beadwork on the woman’s dress and the child’s cradle, this mother and infant are likely from the Osage, Otoe, Pawnee, Ponca or Sauk and Fox Tribes.  The design elements of the beadwork are featured on the headpiece of the cradle and on the woman’s dress yoke, belt, cuffs and skirt. 

The image measures 6 ½” by 4 ¼” and is in very good to excellent condition with no fading or discoloration, smooth clean edges, and no cracks or bends in the board.  The photographer is identified; having signed this image in a contrasting ink along the bottom black border “J. G. McCarty, GREENVILLE, TN”.  There is also the printed word “PHOTO” in this same area.  There is no stamp or other information on the reverse of the card. 

These Native American mother and child images are quite popular and are becoming increasingly difficult to find, particularly those images depicting any tribes other than the more heavily photographed Sioux, Crow, etc.  Images of the Prairie tribes are just not as plentiful.  (0104) $75


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