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ANTIQUE BEADED PIECES – NICELY DONE WITH ATTRACTIVE COLORS:  These two pieces of floral style beadwork were likely produced by one of the Prairie Tribes such as Ponca, Pawnee, Otoe, or Osage.  Both pieces are beaded with thread on material and may date from the last quarter of the 19TH Century through the first quarter of the 20TH Century.   

Both pieces share some of the exact same colors of beads, which due to the wide variations between dye lots during the production of beads and the noticeable difference in shade or hue from one hank to the next, would indicate these two pieces were beaded by the same person out of the same lot of beads.  The pieces include some very nice old bead colors and the overall affect of the color and designs are very attractive.   

NOTE:  The flowers edged in red and with pink centers on both pieces match exactly, in spite of the difference as they appear in the photos below.  The difference that appears in the photos is due to the vagaries of digital photography.  The flowers on both pieces were beaded with the exact same beads.  A perfect match.  

For the time being, the two pieces will be offered here as a set, so if you feel like you could repurpose them into a single project, you’d best buy them now and tuck both of them away while you can.  If they lag too long on the market, I’ll separate them out if that’s what it takes to sell them.   

The oval or wide tear drop shaped piece measures 4 ¼” high by 5” wide and has a slightly domed effect.  All of the beads are intact and it appears that the bead work was done on leather which was backed with a piece of cotton cloth, the beading stitches passing through both layers.  The bead work is quite fine, and it is very well executed.   

The rectangular piece consists of a beaded field measuring 4 ¼” wide by 3 ½” high, which is bordered by a 1 ¼” wide band of purple material on each side.  There is some minor bead loss, but fortunately it is restricted to the background white, so it could be easily restored.  The entire piece was backed with a light piece of leather.   

For what its worth, these two could be used very effectively to decorate an otter or wool drop for a set of man’s formal war dance clothes, as well as a number of other projects.  A nice find of matching pieces from an old collection, this pair could well be the start of a new project for a minimal investment.  SOLD



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