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ORIGINAL NORTHERN PLAINS PIPE BAG - BEAUTIFUL SINEW SEWN BEADED DESIGNS ON BOTH SIDES - EXCELLENT CONDITION:  A very striking example of the beaded art of the Northern Plains, this full sized Pipe Bag features vivid colored designs applied to both sides – a different, but complimentary design on each side.  The bag’s design incorporates a departure from the usual beadwork over a quilled panel; this bag has six beaded triangular tabs – three facing each side. 

All of the beadwork is sinew sewn, having survived in excellent condition.  The beadwork is executed with exceptionally small beads, typical of the pre-20TH Century work that was executed in such fine detail.  There are no missing beads and only two loose loops where one end of the stitch has lifted from the leather – one on each of the single lanes running vertically along the sides of the upper section of the bag.   

The upper section of one side is colored with traces of blue or green powder paint, with contrasting yellow powder paint within the red bead bordered triangles.  Conversely, upper section of the opposite side is painted with the yellow powder paint, and the blue or green powder paint was applied within the blue and red bead bordered triangles. 

Fashioned of native brain tanned buckskin, and measuring 31” long (including the fringe) – the body is 16 ½” long and 6” across at the widest point, the triangle shaped tabs are 4” long, and the fringe makes up the remaining 10 ½”.  There is also a short decorative fringe where the leather was rolled back to form the throat of the bag.  The buckskin is still supple and soft, a credit to the woman who tanned it long ago.  There is some crazing on one side of the upper section where the leather was soiled and sweat soaked at the point the bag was gathered in the owner’s hand to carry, but the leather is not torn nor is it weakened.  There are no other points of significant wear or damage. 

In consideration of the fine beadwork with the especially small sized beads, the presence of, and color choices, of the powder paint, and the incorporation of the triangular tabs, it is distinctly possible this bag originated with the Southern Cheyenne or Comanche.  Very dramatic in its form, beaded designs, and color choices, and having survived in excellent condition, this bag presents very well and it will be a beautiful addition to your collection.  SOLD


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