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1867 FRANKFORD ARSENAL 5 ROUND 50/70 AMMUNITION PACKET – VERY SCARCE EARLY INDIAN WAR ISSUE:  Apparently manufactured for only one year as no other dates have been noted on these early labels, it is not surprising that these five round packets of 50/70 ammunition have survived in very limited numbers.  This 5 round packet was originally packaged as one of eight such packets for a total of 40 rounds contained in a paper wrapper (see photograph below).  Although the reason for this manner of packaging has not been absolutely determined, when considered in light of the cartridge boxes in use at the time, all eight of the 5 round packets could be carried in the Civil War Infantry Cartridge box with two of the packets in the lower section and two in the upper section of each of the two tin liners in the cartridge box.  Thus carried, one soldier could store his full issue of forty rounds and only unwrap those cartridges needed in the immediate future, keeping the rest protected in the paper board wrappers. Issued for use in the US Army .50 caliber rifles and carbines alike during the late 1860’s, this original 5 Round “CENTRE PRIMED METALLIC CARTRIDGES CALIBRE .50” packet was produced at the Frankford Arsenal in 1867, and is complete with the original 5 rounds of internally primed copper cartridges.  The packet wrapper is intact and the pull string is present, still glued under the paper wrapper.  The paper label is full form and is completely legible.  This packet is one of the scarcer, desirable, early and historically significant Indian War ammunition packets, as one of the early arsenal loadings for the Model 1866 Rifle and the Sharps Conversion Carbines.  Never particularly common, these packets have become difficult to find available on today’s market, and this specimen will be a nice addition to your collection.  $750

NOTE:  The 40 Round wrapper is not included in this offering. 



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