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WORLD WAR ONE ERA BAUSCH & LOMB BINOCULARS – MARKED SIGNAL CORPS US ARMY – VERY NICE SET:  This is a very nice set of World War One era Bausch and Lomb binoculars made for the US Army Signal Corps and so marked on the flats of the lens barrels.  Made of brass and coated with a heavy black enamel coating, these light weight binoculars were intended for field use by the Signal Corps troops and likely found their way in many officers’ personal equipment inventories.   

This set has a very unique feature – the left lens is superimposed with a vertical and horizontal grid, delineated in regular increments, suggesting this set may well have been used by forward artillery observers for adjusting the impact of shells fired from behind the trench lines. 

All four glass lenses are intact, with no breaks, cracks or chips, and the optics are clear with only some very minor occlusions that could probably be cleaned from the inside surfaces of the lenses.  The focus adjustment is a little different, in that each eye piece is focused for the vision in that particular eye, and once set provides a much clearer view than the standard single adjustment on the center hinge that most of us are familiar with on other binoculars.    

The barrels are covered in an applied russet colored finish that is pebble grained to resemble leather, giving this set a nice finished appearance, but with a finish that was far more durable in the field than the light leather covering used in earlier binoculars.  In addition to the maker and Signal Corps info on this set, the serial number and lens size and power are also stamped into the flats of the lens barrels.   

Standard issue, US Army marked binoculars from the First World War are not common and this particularly nice set with the Signal Corps marking will be a nice addition to your World War One Signal display or Officer’s grouping.  $195

NOTE:  For an original binocular strap, click on this link and scroll down to Number 23: CLICK HERE



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