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WORLD WAR ONE US ARMY SIGNAL CORPS TYPE 64 MEGAPHONE – VERY NICE TRENCH WARFARE DISPLAY PIECE:  Although shown and described in some collector’s books as being of World War Two vintage, these World War One US Army Signal Corps Type 64 Megaphones are well documented in the 1920 edition of the US Army manual, STORAGE CATALOG, SIGNAL CORPS, indicating they were in the hands of the troops during the Great War.   

Having survived in very good overall condition, the body of the megaphone is legibly impressed with “SIGNAL CORPS, US ARMY” along the riveted seam. 

Matching the description provided in the manual, this megaphone measures 17” long, 2 ˝” across the mouthpiece and 7” across the bell of the horn.  Manufactured of a fiber board body with an aluminum mouthpiece and a brass rim around the bell of the horn, the megaphone is riveted the length of the seam with all of the rivets present and intact.  The mouth piece is full form, and retains the majority of the original black paint.  The horn body has the original OD green paint that has survived in excellent condition with only a few minor spots of loss.  The horn retains its shape with only some minor misshaping at the edge of the bell.  The name “Evenden” is written in well executed script, surmounting a scroll – perhaps the name of the Signal Corps officer or soldier to whom this megaphone was issued.  

A very nice example of an unusual piece of equipment to add to your World War One collection, this Type 64 Megaphone would have been used to direct bodies of troops in any number of situations, to include their disposition on the battlefield.  (0724)  $165



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